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Experience the effect of a refreshing sauna infusion through our high-quality sauna fragrances such as peppermint, berry fragrances, herbs or even our new creations……with, for example, just a few drops, you can only understand if you have already experienced it. The hot and at the same time refreshing air vitalises the body and relaxes it at the same time. The different natural effects of the plants, herbs or fruits on which the fragrance is based have a positive influence on well-being, health and mood. The special feature: The selected fragrances are made from natural and nature-identical aromas and with essential oils. The premium quality fragrances are not so-called mono fragrances, but consist of many fragrance elements of a fragrance pyramid – this creates an outstanding fragrance experience.

Wellnesspark S.L.
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Fragrance additives from our range are specially made for saunas. Just a few drops and the wellness experience can begin.